You forgot to buy your ticket online so you have to buy one at the door, it's two euros more. You spot some friends further along in the queue; you leave your position to join them. Soon you are at the entrance, you show your ID, walk through security, and ask for the ticket. Their card machine is not working, and you have no cash. While they explain that most people buy their tickets online because of the discounted price, your friends scoot behind you and walk on in. In light of this, they make you a deal. You can join your friends if you spend your ticket money on tokens for the bar and pay in tokens for the ticket. 



The curators of the show, and the stars of Susan Bites Den Haag, had managed to strike up a trusting relationship with the University Hamlin.  And so plucked from its extraordinary collection an extraordinary selection.  Artifactual myths in themselves the silver flute and dreary paintings were no less dreary then our attempt to pay the pied piper back. 


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